Restaurant Dine in style!

The fine dine restaurant at The Cliff allows you to enjoy the real pleasure of dinning in style.

A romantic dinner or a corporate dining, the restaurant at The Cliff serves its patrons with grace. The multi-cuisine restaurant has an especially curated menu to delight the visitors. Events, celebrations and discounts are organised to treat the visitors and have a good time with their loved ones.


The best place for your private parties

Want to have a unique destination for your private parties? Come over to The Cliff. Your private parties will be full of memorable moments. The location, ambience and food everything is at its best at The Cliff. With delectable offerings, vibrant ambience and your best buddies you will feel the celebrations never ended at The Cliff.


A repository of assorted delicacies and refreshing spirits

The fine dine restaurant at The Cliff is food lovers’ heaven. The multi-cuisine restaurant has a menu that balances the taste of every visitor. Carefully crafted menu that brings together delicacies from various cuisines is sure to offer you a unique fine dine experience. A wide selection of beverages and spirits complements your palate.


It’s always happening and cheerful.

The Cliff will always surprise you with multiple events. Musical nights, karaoke, parties, match screenings, exciting games and food events are part of our regular activities. There is always something or the other happening at The Cliff. Come, participate and enjoy like there is no tomorrow.